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Upcoming Equipment Auctions
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2010 Int'l 4300 w/ Jerr-Dan Alum Ramp Body, 71K
2010 Int'l 4300 w/ Jerr-Dan Alum Ramp Body, 71K

2006 Chevrolet 3500 4wd Rack Body, w/ Lift-gate & Plow
2006 Chevrolet 3500 4wd Rack Body, w/ Lift-gate & Plow


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Auction 17-80E


THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017 at 10AM
565 MAIN ST. JACKMAN, ME (Owner Retiring. Real Estate Selling Separate)

Real Estate Being Sold Separately via Live On-site Auction on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 10am For auction details and terms of sale CLICK HERE.

- Monday, May 8, 2017 from 10am-12pm
- Day of Sale starting at 8am

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: The Keenan Auction Company is pleased to have been selected to conduct the retirement auction for Wayne "Razor" Smith and Moose River Tire, Inc. Razor has been providing quality auto repair and towing services to the greater Jackman region for over 22 years. On April 28, 2017 Moose River Tire will be closing its doors forever. On May 25, 2017 The Keenan Auction Company will offer the real estate, equipment, and rolling stock at public auction. We invite you to attend this excellent opportunity to purchase prime commercial real estate and well maintained trucks and equipment at public auction. If you cannot make the live auction, online bidding will be available. Parties interested in purchasing the real estate and the equipment in its entirety should contact auctioneer's office prior to auction day.

2010 International DuraStar 4300 MaxxForce DT 466, 7.6L diesel, 4x2, air brakes, w/ 21ft. Jerr-Dan Aluminum rollback W/ optional wheel-lift, 10,000 lb. winch, (4) winter tires mounted on wheels , 3 & 4ft tool boxes, many tie downs, recovery straps. s/n: 1HTMMAAL8AH190978 miles: 71k
2006 Chevrolet 3500HD 4wd, 6.0L V8 gas, Dual rear wheels, 137" WB, 9ft. stake body w/ power lift-gate. (6) studded snow tires, 9'6" Fisher EZ- V snow plow, s/n:1GBJK34U56E206993, miles: 53k

Hunter HS401ML Premium Aligner w/ 10-1978-1 Vertical and wheel off adapter
Hunter RX10 7,000lb. Scissor lift w/ (2) swing jacks and stainless steel turn tables
Rotary SPO-12-EH2 12,000 lb. w/ extended height lift
Coats 1055 wheel balancer
Coats 5055EX Tire Machine
Ingersoll Rand T30 Compressor, 2,100 hrs.
Branick EF-HD bead spreader
Century AC/DC, 250 amp DC 295 amp AC welder
Lincoln SP-100 Mig welder
Flo Dynamics CCST338, A/C recovery & charging station
Accu-Turn drum & rotor lathe
Sunex 58525 20-ton air jack
(3) AFF 3 1/2-ton floor jacks
(6) 7-ton jack stands
(4) Hydraulic bottle jacks
Snap-On WVE106-RT vise
53425 AFF, 30-Ton shop press
Craftsman 15" 12-speed, 1/2 HP drill press
SymTech 03848 headlight aimer
12 Metal bench
Myers 52916 tire cage
OTC 1515A 10-ton porta-power
Branick 7400 strut spring compressor
R&D parts washer
EELD 100 Blue Point smoke vapor machine
Overhead gantry crane w/ 2,000 lb. Bearcat electric chain fall
Snap-On D-Tac battery charger and battery, alt. & starter tester w/stand
Snap-On YA876C Transmission Jack
ATD 7432 Hi-lift Transmission Jack
Bead Bazooka Tire Inflator
Wilden Dual Diaphram Oil Transfer Pump M2
Accu-Turn Medium duty truck adapters for Drum/ Rotor lathe

Coats heavy duty adapters for wheel balancer

(2) Ingersoll Rand IMR 2131A 1/2 drive impact wrenches
Ingersoll Rand 1" drive impact wrench, 2190TI-6
Lincoln cordless grease gun
Small Drum ATF Pump, Qt. & Gal. Meter
OTC 3177A Memory saver
Champion Fuel injector cleaning kit ACK 02
Central 6450 Disc rotor and ball joint gauge
Phoenix reverse clutch and brake bleeder
Jackson Huntsman auto dimming welding shield
Jackson protective face shield
NAPA 700-1452 carburetor service set
Alkota Steam Cleaner
Snap-On fuel injection and fuel pump tester set
Snap-On ACT 7000 digital thermometer/pyrometer
Snap-On BK5500 visual inspection device
Snap-On JCW8A creeper
Snap-On ECR 4300A Cord Reel
Tire Studding Gun, 51709
(2) Makita 7" grinders
Makita Die Grinder
Milwaukee HD 9" Grinder
Milwaukee 3/8" High torque drill
51709 Tire studding gun
Central Tool 0-1" Micrometer
Central Tool 1-2" Micrometer
Central Tool 2-3" Micrometer
Central Tool 3-4" Micrometer
Central #263 Timing gauge
NSK 7" Caliper
Craftsman 4" Metal cutting band saw
Over tire truck work platform
Concop oxy/acetylene torch kit
(4) 3/8" 50' air hose
3/4" 50' air hose
908500 Ammco drum micrometer
908539 Ammco 26" truck drum adapter for micrometer
Small tire changing tool
Spare motor for compressor
Spare motor, relays & micro switches for overhead doors
745 Starett electronic digital caliper
General 6 pc. Telescopic inside micrometers
Bead Bazooka
Portable air tank
Hand truck
ATEQ VT55 & OBD11 Scanner/Programmer for LTPMS
(3) Sentry AH10 Fire Extinguishers

(2) Roll-around shelving/racks
Snap-On KRA 5311 roll-around tool chest
Mac MB1500 roll-around tool chest
30ft x 5ft x 9ft tall adjustable metal shelving
(4) 8ft x 16 in x 7ft tall adjustable metal shelving

NAPA Tracs Power Workstation Auto Shop Management Software
Canon MG2520 scanner/printer/copier
Sharp carousel microwave
GE SMRO-04 Fridge/Freezer
(2) metal folding chairs
4ft x 2ft x 38in tall counter w/ shelves
5ft x 30in x30in tall 5 drawer desk
HP 2140 Fax/Copier
Canon MP25D 12digit calculator
Paymaster Check Writer
AT&T DECT 3Phone system
(6) wall cabinets

Snap-On Model YA497A Hose removal pliers
Snap-On Model GCP10 Dust cover tool
Snap-On Model YA3000C Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model YA3500 Universal tie rod tool
Snap-On Model CT6650 1/2 Drive cordless impact wrench
Snap-On Model CJ2000SB Puller set w/ cabinet
Snap-On Model CJ952 Split bearing puller
Snap-On Model YA498 Hub adapter
Snap-On Model WT11B Safety wire pliers
Snap-On Model SGLASA 4 Piece pick set
Snap-On Model T6000 Terminal pick set
Snap-On Model A177A 2- Body clip tools
Snap-On Model CSA8CO Gasket scraper
Snap-On Model A159 Door handle tool
Snap-On Model VWB400 Carbide cutter kit
Snap-On Model YA336 Body clip tool
Snap-On Model CHN410 Pliers
Snap-On Model HPB16 Hammer
Snap-On Model PPR708BK 1/16-1/4 in. Roll pin punch set
Snap-On Model A157C Bushing driver set
Snap-On Model A158B Bushing driver set
Snap-On Model MT308M Compression tester
Snap-On Model CJ145 GM steering wheel puller
Snap-On Model TEC12A Torque Wrench
Snap-On Model QD2FR75 Torque Wrench
Snap-On Model QD3R250 Torque Wrench
Snap-On Model ML6000 Cam lock tool
Snap-On Model TA360 Torque angle gauge
Snap-On Model SIMM360 Hub socket
Snap-On Model SIMM340 Hub socket
Snap-On Model IMDM320 Hub socket
Snap-On Model SIMM300 Hub socket
Snap-On Model 2- SIMDM300 Hub socket
Snap-On Model SER3455 Axle socket
Snap-On Model 2- SIMDM Hub socket
Snap-On Model ANS7269 Axle socket
Snap-On Model ANS1929A Axle socket
OTC Model S9613 Axle socket
Snap-On Model OTC 7003 Axle socket
KD Model 2436 Axle socket
Snap-On Model S9479A Ball joint socket
Snap-On Model S9365B Ball joint socket
OTC Model 7090 Axle socket
Performance tool Model W83008 Axle socket
OTC Model 1908 Axle socket
KD Model 2- KD2451 Axle sockets
OTC Model 1312 Axle socket
Saap-On Model S86956 Axle socket
KD Model 2430 Axle socket
SER Model 3455 Axle socket
AFF Model 18509 Axle socket
OTC Model 2434 Axle socket
Snap-On Model WA16 Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model WA13A Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model WA17 Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model BJP-1 Ball joint press
Snap-On Model RD7 Rethreading set
Snap-On Model PR43 Retaining ring plier set
Snap-On Model LDT8 Master disconnect set
Snap-On Model TFM428 Flaring tool
Snap-On Model A1310A Bearing race and seal driver
Snap-On Model FRT10 Ford spark plug insert installer
Snap-On Model TF700 Flaring tool set
Snap-On Model SVT270P Vacuum tester
Snap-On Model YA8835 Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model YA22225 Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model YA2224 Tie rod tool
Snap-On Model FWA6296A Adjustable oil filter wrench
Snap-On Model YA995 Oil filter wrench
Snap-On Model YA996 Oil filter wrench
Snap-On Model A91E HD strap oil filter wrench
Snap-On Model BEX13A Bolt extractor set
Walter Tool Model WTES Extractor set
Snap-On Model SR40K Extractor set 6 pc.
K-D Model 2991 Oil filter wrench
K-D Model 279C Oil filter wrench
K-D Model 3253 Oil filter wrench
AST Model TOY640 Oil filter wrench
Lawson Model 55480 Extractor set
KenTool Model 30190 9 Piece wheel torque kit
Craftsman Model SAE #4 to 3/4 in. Tap and Die set
Snap-On Model WA12A Tie rod tool
Craftsman Model MM 4MM to 14mm Tap and Die set
Napa Model 4720 8 Piece Sensor socket set
Snap-On Model FSPK Broken spark remover
K-D Model 3700 Cooling system tester
OTC Model 6695 Seal installer
OTC Model 6697 Seal installer
Snap-On Model PWC22A Wire stripper
Snap-On Model SX24 1/2 in. drive extension
Snap-On Model SLF80 1/2 in. driveswivel ratchet
Snap-On Model 213AFLEY E4 to E10 1/4 in. & 3/8 in. Torx
Snap-On Model 207FSU 3/8 to 3/4 T15 to T55 Torx
Snap-On Model SPBS704R 4 piece stricking handle pry bar set
K-D Model 2897 Pulley remover/installer
AST Model 201 Stud extractor set 6 -8-10 & 12 mm
AST Model 203 Stud extractor set 1/4 -5/8 in.
LTI Tools Model LT940 Fuel pump removal tool
SP Tools Model 69800 Fuel pump removal tool
Snap-On Model 209EFTXBY T-15 to T55 1/4 & 3/8 in. Torx
Snap-On Model 2- SGDX80BR Screw driver sets
Snap-On Model 2- SGDX60BR Screw driver sets
Snap-On Model SGDP82BR Screw driver
Snap-On Model 911BCP Screw driver
Snap-On Model 408Acp Pliers
Snap-On Model BDGPL410HG Pliers
Snap-On Model BDGPL411HG Pliers
Snap-On Model CG95B Steering wheel lock plate remover
Snap-On Model CJ119B Pitman arm puller
Snap-On Model 91ACP Pliers
Snap-On Model PRC65A-1 Snap ring pliers
Snap-On Model 208CCP Pliers
Snap-On Model AFS484B Spanner wrench
Snap-On Model A19 Wiper arm remover removal tool
Snap-On Model PWC22A Wire stripper
Snap-On Model YA3080 Boot clamp pliers
Snap-On Model BDG88CP Diagonal pliers
Snap-On Model OEX714K 3/8 - 1 1/4 Combination wrench set
Snap-On Model OEX709B 3/8 - 7/8 Combination wrench set
Snap-On Model XS1012 5/16 & 3/8 Offset box wrench
Snap-On Model RX512 3/8 Tubing wrench
Snap-On Model RXS14 7/16 Tubing wrench
Snap-On Model RSX16B Tubing Wrench
Snap-On Model RXH2022S 5/8 & 11/16 Tubing wrench
Snap-On Model OEX180 9/16 Combination wrench
Snap-On Model BOER708 5/16 - 3/4 Ratcheting combination wrench set
Snap-On Model VO1618 1/2 & 9/16 Open end wrench
Snap-On Model B1458C 1/4 & 3/8 Box end wrench
Snap-On Model XLE1012A E10 & E12 Torx offset boxend wrench
Snap-On Model B1463A 5/16& 3/8 Bleeder wrench
Snap-On Model FCO16A 9/16 Crow foot wrench
Snap-On Model FCO18A 9/16 Crowfoot wrench
Snap-On Model FCOm10A 10mm Crowfoot wrench
Snap-On Model FRH1605 1/2 Crowfoot tubing wrench
Snap-On Model PWZ1 Pliers wrench
Snap-On Model 211SFSY 1/4 to 7/8 Deep 3/8 dr. socket set
Snap-On Model 211SFY 1/4 to 7/8 Shallow 3/8 dr. socket set
Snap-On Model 110TMSY 1/4 Drive shallow socket set 3/16 to 9/16
Snap-On Model 110STMY 1/4 Drive deep socket set 3/16 to 9/16
Snap-On Model 212EFTXY 1/4 Drive Torx socket set T8 to T25
Snap-On Model 207EFTXY 3/8 Drive Torx socket set T27 to T55
Snap-On Model 208EFAY 3/8 Drive allen wrench 1/8 to 3/8
Snap-On Model AWEF9K Allen wrench set
Snap-On Model STXL50 T50 Torx socket
Snap-On Model AW83MCG1600 Hex set
Snap-On Model FRH2005 3/8 Drive 5/8 crow tubing wrench
Snap-On Model FRH1805 3/8 Drive 9/16 crow tubing wrench
Snap-On Model FTX55TPE Torx socket
Snap-On Model FS2 3/8 Blade bit
Snap-On Model BLPP384 #4 phillips bit
Snap-On Model FTX55E Torx socket
Snap-On Model FPD32 Posidrive bit
Snap-On Model FP32A Phillips bit
Snap-On Model IPF800 3/8 Universal swivel
Snap-On Model S9709KB Spark plug socket
Snap-On Model S9710 Spark plug socket
Snap-On Model S9704 KFU Spark plug socket
Snap-On Model S9724RHS Spark plug socket
Snap-On Model CPT110 17mm 3/8 drive hex
Snap-On Model 206AFSA 7/16 to 3/4 Shallow swivel sockets
Snap-On Model FS12A 3/8 shallow swivel socket
Snap-On Model FSU16 1/2 Deep swivel socket
Snap-On Model FSU14 7/16 Deep swivel socket
Snap-On Model F4LB 3/8 Speed handle
Snap-On Model FLF936 3/8 Drive long swivel ratchet
Snap-On Model F936 3/8 Drive ratchet
Snap-On Model F80 3/8 Ratchet
Snap-On Model FL80 3/8 Drive long ratchet
Snap-On Model FHNF100 3/8 Drive long swivel ratchet
Snap-On Model S97006AFU universal plug socket
Snap-On Model S9716KMAG 9/16 Plug socket
Snap-On Model FXK8 Extension 3/8
Snap-On Model TMXKL60A 3/8 extension
Snap-On Model FXK6 3/8 extension
Snap-On Model FXK3 3/8 extension
Snap-On Model TMX60 3/8 extension
Snap-On Model 2- TMX4 3/8 extension
Snap-On Model FX11 3/8 extension
Snap-On Model 2- TMXK2 3/8 extension @ 15.20
Snap-On Model TM65 1/4 flexible tool
Snap-On Model PT40A long pickup magnet
NAPA Model SER3955 CV boot clamp tool
NB Model NDF556 3/4 & 7/8 Tubing wrench
OTC Model 4479A Crimping tool
BDG Model 88SP Diagonal pliers
Snap-On Model 210FRHMA 3/8' D 9-19 mm Crowfoot wrench set
Snap-On Model 106TMUSMA 1/4" D Universal shllow sockets
Snap-On Model 112TMMY 1/4 D 5-15 mm Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model TMM4 1/4 D Shallow 4.5 mm Socket
Snap-On Model 112STMMY 1/4 D 5-15mm Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model TMAM3 1/4 D 3mm Socket
Snap-On Model TMAM2 1/4 2mm Socket
Snap-On Model TMAM2.5 1/4 2.5mm Socket
Snap-On Model 212FSMY 3/8 D 9-19mm Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model FSM81 3/8 D 8mm Shallow socket
Snap-On Model 212SFSMY 3/8 D 9-19mm Deep socket set
Snap-On Model SPSM19 3/8 D 19mm deep socket
Snap-On Model SESUM 3/8 D 3/8 D 4-14 mm Hex bit driver
Snap-On Model TMMS10 1/4 D 10mm Shallow socket
Snap-On Model PMM410 3/8D 10mm Square drive
Snap-On Model SWM121A 1/2D 12mm 12pt. Socket
Snap-On Model 2-SWM130A 1/2D 13mm 12pt. Socket
Snap-On Model SWM171A 1/2D 17mm 12pt. Socket
Snap-On Model 310TWMYA 1/2D 10-19mm Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model 315SImmya 1/2D 10-24mm Deep impact socket set
Snap-On Model 315IMMYA 1/2D 10-24mm Shallow impact socket set
Snap-On Model 206SFSUM 3/8D 10-17mm Deep universal socket set
Snap-On Model RBM1719 17&19mm Ratcheting wrench
Snap-On Model RBM1618 16&18mm Ratcheting wrench
Snap-On Model RBM1415 14&15mm Ratcheting wrench
Snap-On Model RXSM605B 10-14mm 5pc. Tubing wrench set
Snap-On Model BHM9A Metric ball hex set
Snap-On Model AWM17D 17mm L shape hex wrench
Snap-On Model LSR1250 19 & 21mm 1/2" D Impact flip socket
Snap-On Model SOEXM710 10-19mm Combination wrench set
Snap-On Model SOEXM7 7mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM8 8mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM9 9mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM21 21mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM22 22mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM23 23mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM24 24mm Combination wrench
Snap-On Model SOEXM25 25mm Cobination wrench
Snap-On Model S6110A 8 & 10 mm Brake bleeder wrench
Snap-On Model XLE56 E5 & E6 Combination wrench
Snap-On Model PPC210 Punch and chisel set
Snap-On Model HBFE24 Hammer
Snap-On Model HBBD40 Hammer
Snap-On Model HBFE48 Hammer
Snap-On Model BC45G Hammer
Snap-On Model HBD24 Hammer
Snap-On Model PPB1001A Tapered punch
Snap-On Model YA1005C Locking wheel nut remover
Snap-On Model PBMP12A Multi position pry bar
Snap-On Model YA105 Seal removing tool
Snap-On Model HBPT16 Hammer
Snap-On Model PH300 Tail pipe exhaust stretcher
Snap-On Model YA3202 Exhaust hanger remover
MAC Model PE1500 Pipe expander
Snap-On Model GCP10 Dust cap tool
Snap-On Model 131A Brake spring pliers
Snap-On Model BT 20 Brake tool
Snap-On Model S9094B Seal remover
Snap-On Model B1461 Brake adjusting tool
Snap-On Model B1356E Brake tool
CARQUEST Model STL16750 Valve spring compressor
Snap-On Model SWR102 Oxygen srnsor tool
Snap-On Model FAR2500 1/4D Air ratchet
Snap-On Model FAR7200 38/D Air ratchet
Snap-On Model PH3050A Air hammer
Snap-On Model PH200D Quick change chuck
Snap-On Model L8112A Breaker bar head
Snap-On Model GLD138 3/4" Blade
Snap-On Model L872 Breaker bar
Snap-On Model PHG63A Ball joint seperator
Snap-On Model PHG69A Ball joint seperator
Snap-On Model PHG65A Chisel (outside cutter)
Snap-On Model PHG88A Riveter punch
Snap-On Model PHG72A U-Joint trunion driver
Snap-On Model PH1038 3/8 " Socket adapter
Snap-On Model PH1050 1/2" Socket adapter
Snap-On Model PHG58B Chisel
Snap-On Model PHG71A Round hammer
Snap-On Model PHG76A Bushing cutter
Snap-On Model PHG161A Splitting Chisel
Snap-On Model PHG87A Inside cutter
Snap-On Model PHG583 Flat chisel
NAPA Model NH70 3/4" T- Handle
Snap-On Model PGS1 Air powered gasket scraper
Snap-On Model PH201 Needle scaler
FLUKE Model #78 Digital volt /amp /ohm meter
Snap-On Model YA5160A Lighted swivel mirror
Snap-On Model 2 - SHL80 ratchets
Snap-On Model SH80 1/2D Ratchet
Snap-On Model 314GTWYA 1/2D 1/2-1 1/14 Shallow sockets
Snap-On Model WW500 Rack wrench
Snap-On Model 2- SX10 1/2 Extensions
Snap-On Model SXK8 1/2D Extension
Snap-On Model 2- SX5 1/2 Extensions
Snap-On Model 6SAFIF 1/2 to 3/8 Adapter
Snap-On Model CJ92 Battery terminal puller
Snap-On Model YA249 5/16 Ratchet wrench for battery
Snap-On Model YA249L Battery terminal wrench
Snap-On Model A159 Door handle tool
Snap-On Model AF102 Coolant tester
Snap-On Model SHCP1 Hose clamp pliers
Snap-On Model YA6120 Fan clutch wrench
Snap-On Model YA9980 Water pump pulley holder
Snap-On Model RTEMP5 Infra red thermometer
Snap-On Model GA111D Stethoscope
Snap-On Model SOEX710 3/8 - 1 " Combination wrench set
Snap-On Model XB605A 3/8- 15/16" Double box wrench set
Snap-On Model XB3234A 1 -1 1/16 " Double box wrench
Snap-On Model XB3638A 1 1/8 - 1 3/16" Double box wrench
Snap-On Model XB4042A 1 1/4 - 1 5/16 Double box wrench
Snap-On Model VO806B 3/8- 15/16" Double open wrench
Snap-On Model RXS18B 9/16" Tubing wrench
Snap-On Model RXFS605B 1/4- 13/16 Double end tubing wrench set.
Snap-On Model 210AFLEY 3/8D E10- E18 Torx socket set
Snap-On Model TLE40A E4 Torx socket
Snap-On Model TLE50A E 5 Torx socket
Snap-On Model TLE60A E6 Torx socket
Snap-On Model TLE80A E8 Torx socket
Snap-On Model SLF80 1/2D Swivel head ratchet
Snap-On Model S80 1/2D Ratchet
Snap-On Model SN18B 1/2D Breaker bars
Snap-On Model 305ASX 5pc. 1/2D Extension set
Snap-On Model BLPEXTL1224 1/2D Extension
Snap-On Model FX24A 3/8D Extension
Snap-On Model BLPEXTL1424 1/4D Extension
Snap-On Model BLPEXTL1412 1/2D Extension
Snap-On Model BLPEXTF146 1/4D Flexible extension
Snap-On Model BLDTXK4 1/4D Extension
Snap-On Model BLDTXK6 1/4D Extension
Snap-On Model 3- FXK3 3/8D Extensions
Snap-On Model FXWK6 3/8D Wobble extension
Snap-On Model 2 FXWK11 38/D extensions
Snap-On Model 209EFTXBY T15- T55 Torx bit socket set
Snap-On Model 314GTWYA 1/2D 3/8- 1 1/8" Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model 214FSY 3/8D 1/4- 7/8" Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model 211SFSY 3/8D 1/4- 7/8" Deep socket set
Snap-On Model 110TMDY 1/4D 3/16- 9/16 Shallow socket set
Snap-On Model 110STMY 1/4D 3/16- 9/16 Deep socket set
Snap-ON Model FL80 3/8D Ratchet
Snap-ON Model FLF80 3/8D Ratchet
Snap-ON Model FBF80 3/8D Ratchet
Snap-ON Model TF72 1/4D Swivel head ratchet
Snap-ON Model T72 1/4D Ratchet
Snap-ON Model TL72 1/4D Ratchet
Snap-ON Model 207FSU 3/8D 3/8- 3/4" Swivel deep sockets
Snap-ON Model 2- TM106 1/4D Breakerbars
Snap-ON Model TM410 1/4D 5/16" 8 Point socket
Snap-ON Model TM423 3/8D #4 Phillips Socket drive
Snap-ON Model A26A 1/2D Blade socket drive
Snap-ON Model S9706KA 3/8D 5/8" Spark plug socket
Snap-ON Model TM67A 1/4D Ratchet adapter
Snap-ON Model 2- GFATIE 3/8D to 1/4D Adapter
Snap-ON Model FP32A 3/8D #3 Phillips Socket drive
Snap-ON Model FTX500 FTX500
Snap-ON Model FU80G 3/8D Universal
Snap-ON Model TM412 1/4D 3/8" 8 Point socket
Snap-ON Model FA5A 3/8D 5/32" Hex socket drive
Snap-ON Model TMU8 1/4D Universal
Snap-ON Model YA3000 Inner tie rod tool
Snap-ON Model MSC2 Coil spring compressor
Snap-ON Model AWMCG1600S 2-10mm T-handle hex set
Snap-ON Model RXFMS606B 9-21mm Double end tubing wrench set
Snap-ON Model 112TMMY 1/4D 5-15mm Shallow socket set
Snap-ON Model 112TMMSY 1/4D 5-15mm Deep socket set
Snap-ON Model 111JMMDY 1/4D 5-14mm Shallow 12pt. Socket set
Snap-ON Model SIMM190 1/2D 19mm Deep impact socket
Snap-ON Model SIMM210 1/2D 21mm Deep impact socket
Snap-ON Model SLEPL200 1/2D E20 Socket
Snap-ON Model IMMI70A 1/2D 17mm Shallow impact socket
Snap-ON Model 212FSMY 3/8D 9-19mm Shallow socket set
Snap-ON Model 212SFSMY 3/8D 9-19mm Deep socket set
Snap-ON Model XDHFM2122 21/22mm Long combination wrench
Snap-ON Model OEXM120 12mm Combination wrench
Snap-ON Model OEXM100B 10mm Combination wrench
Snap-ON Model XBM1315SA 13-15mm Combination wrench
Snap-ON Model RBM1213C 12-13mm Ratcheting Combination wrench
Snap-ON Model RBM1011C 10-11mm Ratcheting combination wrench
Snap-ON Model 131A Brake spring tool
Snap-ON Model BT17A Brake tool
Snap-ON Model PBS704 Pry bar set
Snap-ON Model PPR708BK Roll pin punch set
Snap-ON Model PPC708BK Oval bearing race punch set
Snap-ON Model 213TFSYA 8-24mm 3/8D Shallow impact socket set
Snap-On Model 213TFSYA 5/16- 1" 3/8D Shallow impact socket set
Snap-On Model A36A Stud remover
Nova Model T4 Recharable Flashlite
KD Model Oil Filter Wrench Oil filter wrench
Snap-On Model HCP7A Hose pinching pliers
OTC Model 4499 Wire stripper
Proto Model 1/2" Ratchet adapter 1/2" Ratchet adapter
Mac Model MR51 3/8" Ratchet
Snap-On Model 2- ECFLED215 LED rechargeable work lights
Mac Model AD3800HH Angle head drill
Mac Model SXM186TR 3/8D 6-24mm Deep socket set
Mac Model SVPM236CBR 3/8D 10-32mm Shallow socket set
Mac Model M21C1 21mm Combination wrench

REMOVAL: Day of Sale until 4PM & Friday, May 26, 2017 from 8AM-12PM

EQUIPMENT TERMS: Cash or your good check. Out-of-State Checks with Bank Letter of Guarantee. 10% Buyer's Premium Onsite. 15% Buyer's Premium Online. All items sold for immediate removal. For more information call (207) 885-5100 and request auction #17-80. Our 7,564th Auction and 45th Year. Richard J. Keenan #236.

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